Top 5 ActionScript 3 Libraries

There are a lot of useful ActionScript libraries out there, and almost all of them are free.  Here are my top 5:

  1. TweenLite: A easy to use tweening (animating) engine for about anything.  This is a must-have for many me and many others.  Also at the website are tools for organizing your tweens and loading media.
  2. Minimal Comps: Need quick and easy components and don’t want to use Flash CS?  This provides all the basic ones components along with a couple unusual ones.
  3. as3corelib: Can’t forget the practical as3corelib, which add a lot of functionality to actionscript.  Just be wary, the dict protocols won’t work in any online flash project because of security restrictions.
  4. Box2D: A powerful physics engine.  this one has a little learning curve, so here is an okay tutorial and a better one that is slightly outdated.
  5. Graffiti: A drawing library with multiple tools and controls

Honorable Mention: Squiggly: A spellchecking tool that can check individual words or, in flex, check entered words real-time.


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