Gabrielle Gifford and Guns

As I’ve watched all the horrific news this week, many will question gun laws in the US. Many people are unsure of how they fell about gun rights. A few points to establish first:

  • Guns are not inherently bad
  • Guns can be used for evil purposes

As a quick explanation, guns can be used for fine things, from hunting (although some may not feel this is so fine, within reason it is quite necessary) to recreation, or as a deterrent to crime (few will attack a guy carrying a firearm). The misuses of guns are quite clear already.

From these events, most people will come to one of two conclusions: guns must be banned so incidents like this do not happen, or, guns must be legalized so people can defend themselves from events like these.  Banning all guns leads to many problems, the most major one being that the black market for guns will grow and those who want to misuse guns will still find ways to get them (Prohibition anyone?), and those who would use them correctly won’t have them.  Of course, relaxing gun laws and letting anyone easily obtain a gun also has obvious problems.

Sadly, guns are an issue there isn’t a pretty answer to.  The best solution is probably what is supposed to happen now – only those who will act responsibly with guns have them.  Will this ever happen completley?  No.

Politics should never cause enough anger to lead to something like this.  As I heard a radio host say recently: “Remember, just because someone’s political views are polar opposites of yours, does not mean that they want to destroy America.”  For now, we can only hope that humanity gains a healthy dose of common sense and realizes that violence is not the answer.

Note: Anyone notice that much of the local coverage in Arizona came from KGUN?

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