Flash Player 10.2 and Custom Cursors

About a month ago, Flash Player 10.2 was announced.  Lost in all the hoopla about the upcoming Flash Player 11 with low-level 3-D APIs and StageVideo of FP 10.2, was the introduction of custom cursors.  (Check out the docs here.) This should hopefully alleviate the pains of those who previously had to have an Mouse Move listener move a sprite to mouse coordinates, and will definitely provide a source of easy unlockables for games.

Also nice is the ability to make the cursors animated, by simply providing multiple BitmapDatas to the data vector. One does have to wonder though why there isn’t a similar dynamic MovieClip type class, for regular DisplayObjects.

It looks like to me that these will really be cursors, not just moving DisplayObjects, so it may be hard to do some things with them, such as checking for collisions. Still, this is a major positive step.

Note: There may also be some cool new mic options: Microphone Enhanced Options (see also Microphone Enhanced Mode)

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