NHL Wheel Of Justice

Here’s a little different post than usual from me:

Being a hockey fan (Flyers specifically) I routinely feel annoyed by the NHL’s sense of justice.  No suspension for Zdeno Chara seemed ridiculous to me and many others.  Anyway, I’ve got a bit of fun to lighten things up: The NHL Wheel of Justice!

With this, you can pick you offender, victim, infraction and result.  It then uses a close simulation of how the NHL does things to determine the result.

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10 KB Nonogram Puzzle Game

Just released Nonogram Puzzlers, a flash game under 10 KB made in 10 days for a contest.  It’s a collection of 8 nonogram puzzles (also known as paint by number, griddler, or tsunami) made by me and one by a friend.  It also contains a user creation section.  It turned out well for the file size limit, I just didn’t get to polish it as much as I hoped because of the time constraints.  The actual solving interface turned out well, and is easy to use.  My biggest regret is that if you switch puzzles, your progress on your previous puzzle is erased.  Anyway, try it out and let me know what you think.  All are solvable by logic, except #9, which will probably take some guess and check.