Humor, Democracy, and Schooling in America

Humor: Humor is a great thing, but it is used much too often.  Why should people laugh at a dead baby joke?  Why should the response to a tough question be a giggle and a joke? By the way, happy Infantry Day.  (Look at the post date, March 4th.)

Democracy: Democracy only succeeds if the majority knows what’s right, and the elected representatives do what the people want.

School: Youth are expected to learn more and be smarter than ever before, yet they spend less time on schooling than ever before.  Maybe that’s why schools are struggling…

If you want to draw conclusions, you could say, “Young people who don’t know what they should and have an odd sense of right and wrong (as evidenced through their humor) eventually running the country? Ahh!”  But I wasn’t necessarily going there.  Just some random thoughts is all.

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