NHL Wheel Of Justice

Here’s a little different post than usual from me:

Being a hockey fan (Flyers specifically) I routinely feel annoyed by the NHL’s sense of justice.  No suspension for Zdeno Chara seemed ridiculous to me and many others.  Anyway, I’ve got a bit of fun to lighten things up: The NHL Wheel of Justice!

With this, you can pick you offender, victim, infraction and result.  It then uses a close simulation of how the NHL does things to determine the result.

When Chris Pronger got suspended for the season for obscenely gesturing at Sidney Crosby, I realized that the simulation was a quite accurate capture of NHL justice.

If you’re not a hockey fan, the site uses the HTML5 canvas tag, so you can take a look at the source.  The wheel is slightly bugged in that the text doesn’t rotate with the wheel.  (Update: Because of aliasing difficulties from rotating text, the author of the wheel decided to disable text rotation for all browsers except Chrome, which displays it better.)  Also, to learn more about making a wheel, look here.


4 responses to “NHL Wheel Of Justice

  1. Thanks for the kind words and link. I ended up disabling the text from rotating with the wheel because the text ends up looking very blurry in all browsers except Chrome. If you look at the site in Chrome, it does rotate with the wheel.

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