Firefox 4 Tweaks

Firefox 4 has finally been released. In this article, I’ll just highlight a few about:config tweaks that may help. To get there, just open up a new tab, type about:config and hit enter, and click I’ll Be Careful, I Promise.  Use the filter box at the top to find the specific settings.  To change a value of a setting, double-click it, or right-click it and choose modify of toggle.

  • Single Line Spellchecking: use layout.spellcheckDefaultChange the value to 2, by double clicking it or right-clicking and selecting modify.  This enables spellchecking on single line text fields.
  • Faster Panorama: use browser.panorama.animate_zoom – Change the value to false.  This will turn of the zoom effect and make everything run smoother.
  • Save Tabs on Quit: use browser.showQuitWarning – Change the value to true.  Firefox will now ask you if you’d like to save your tabs before you quit the application.
  • Remove Frequent Sites from Right-Click on Taskbar in Windows 7: use browser.taskbar.lists.frequent.enabled – Change to false.  Filter by browser.taskbar to see other options for the taskbar
  • Disable Location Awareness: use geo.enabled – Change to false.  This will not stop websites from using other techniques to guess your location

Bonus Tip: Quick Find: Go to Options -> Advanced ->Accessibility  and turn on Search for Text When I Start Typing.  Now to search for text on a page, just start typing and don’t bother with Ctrl+F.


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