Starling for Flash!

Check it out! Could be a game changer to flash developers.


Is This What We Are Coming To?

Screenshot from a demented new game: "School Shooter: North American Tour 2012"

Because I’m pretty angry right now, I’m going to keep this brief.  First of all, congratulations to a developer known as Pawnstick, for creating School Shooter: North American Tour 2012. You have succeed in proving to society that you are truly a messed up person.  You say, “Let’s say that a future shooter does directly cite us as their inspiration. I figure it would make itself apparent in due time that the individual in question was troubled prior to playing our [game].”  This is true, in fact, more generally, anyone who even plays your game in the first place is troubled.  More here.

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Firefox 4 Tweaks

Firefox 4 has finally been released. In this article, I’ll just highlight a few about:config tweaks that may help. To get there, just open up a new tab, type about:config and hit enter, and click I’ll Be Careful, I Promise.  Use the filter box at the top to find the specific settings.  To change a value of a setting, double-click it, or right-click it and choose modify of toggle.

  • Single Line Spellchecking: use layout.spellcheckDefaultChange the value to 2, by double clicking it or right-clicking and selecting modify.  This enables spellchecking on single line text fields.
  • Faster Panorama: use browser.panorama.animate_zoom – Change the value to false.  This will turn of the zoom effect and make everything run smoother. Continue reading

Casting in Actionscript 3

I wanted to post something codey again, and this is a topic that can confuse some, so here we go.  This is actually a fairly broad topic, so I’m just going to cover some important things.

1. What is casting?
Casting is basically converting an object that is one type to another type.

2. Why do it?
There are numerous reasons – you’ll see them in the examples.  One main reason is that you have to sometimes.

3. How do you do it?
Good, on to the real meat.  There are to ways to explicitly cast (where you state it in your code) in ActionScript 3.  The first one is by  Type(myObject) .

var mySprite:Sprite = Sprite(randObject);

This takes a value of Type Number (5.5) and changes it to an integer, which is stored as myInt.

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NHL Wheel Of Justice

Here’s a little different post than usual from me:

Being a hockey fan (Flyers specifically) I routinely feel annoyed by the NHL’s sense of justice.  No suspension for Zdeno Chara seemed ridiculous to me and many others.  Anyway, I’ve got a bit of fun to lighten things up: The NHL Wheel of Justice!

With this, you can pick you offender, victim, infraction and result.  It then uses a close simulation of how the NHL does things to determine the result.

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