10 KB Nonogram Puzzle Game

Just released Nonogram Puzzlers, a flash game under 10 KB made in 10 days for a contest.  It’s a collection of 8 nonogram puzzles (also known as paint by number, griddler, or tsunami) made by me and one by a friend.  It also contains a user creation section.  It turned out well for the file size limit, I just didn’t get to polish it as much as I hoped because of the time constraints.  The actual solving interface turned out well, and is easy to use.  My biggest regret is that if you switch puzzles, your progress on your previous puzzle is erased.  Anyway, try it out and let me know what you think.  All are solvable by logic, except #9, which will probably take some guess and check.




Humor, Democracy, and Schooling in America

Humor: Humor is a great thing, but it is used much too often.  Why should people laugh at a dead baby joke?  Why should the response to a tough question be a giggle and a joke? By the way, happy Infantry Day.  (Look at the post date, March 4th.)

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My First Take on Firefox 4

After growing tired of waiting for the first official Firefox 4 release, I decided to download the beta and try it out. I’ll note some of the major changes here.

  • Menu Bar Gone: The Menu bar has been replaced by a master Firefox button – the same idea as the big top left button in many Microsoft Office and other applications. I quickly turned the menu bar back on, as to me it is more convenient than accessing the general Firefox button and everything through there.(If you keep the firefox button, you can just press alt for the menu bar.)
  • Tabs on Top: Tabs are now located, by default, on top next to the firefox button. Since I switch tabs alot, this doesn’t make too much sense to me, as it is farther to the tab buttons. The positive of tabs on top is that when they are next to the firefox button, it is vertically compact and gives you lots of screen space. All in all, moving the tabs back to the bottom and turning the menu bar on gives Firefox 4 a very Firefox 3ish look, which I believe is more convenient.
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Custom Cursors Demo in FP 10.2

You will need Flash Player 10.2 to view this!

Since FP10.2 is out, I thought I’d make a custom cursors demo. It relies on two outside libraries, MinimalComps and as3Gif. The project files are here! The demo demonstrates a static cursor, an animated one, and one you can draw in the program.

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Vectors (ActionScript 3)

Many people still use Arrays when programming in Actionscript 3 when they should be using Vectors, so I’m going to give a brief synopsis of Vectors, especially their various constructors. Just as a warning, vectors are normally thought of as a math or geometric thing, a magnitude and direction. In Actionscript, they are not. If you are looking for this functionality either use Point for basic 2d stuff (or create your own Vector2D), or Vector3D for 3D geometric vectors. Why Flash named two totally different classes Vector and Vector3D is beyond me.

On to the Vector class in flash. A Vector is just a typed array – an array where all the objects in it are the same type. The benefits of using vectors include faster performance (major benefit) and not having to cast objects.

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Colored Traces in FlashDevelop

FlashDevelop does a lot of cool things that make coding much easier. For example ctrl+shift+1 does everything from automatic variable and function declarations to auto-importing classes. Anyway, I came across a cool little trick recently by accident:

I was trying to distinguish between two booleans I was tracing so I added prefixes to tell which was which in trace:
When my second trace statement came out golden, I was quite surprised!

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