Firefox 4 Tweaks

Firefox 4 has finally been released. In this article, I’ll just highlight a few about:config tweaks that may help. To get there, just open up a new tab, type about:config and hit enter, and click I’ll Be Careful, I Promise.  Use the filter box at the top to find the specific settings.  To change a value of a setting, double-click it, or right-click it and choose modify of toggle.

  • Single Line Spellchecking: use layout.spellcheckDefaultChange the value to 2, by double clicking it or right-clicking and selecting modify.  This enables spellchecking on single line text fields.
  • Faster Panorama: use browser.panorama.animate_zoom – Change the value to false.  This will turn of the zoom effect and make everything run smoother. Continue reading

My First Take on Firefox 4

After growing tired of waiting for the first official Firefox 4 release, I decided to download the beta and try it out. I’ll note some of the major changes here.

  • Menu Bar Gone: The Menu bar has been replaced by a master Firefox button – the same idea as the big top left button in many Microsoft Office and other applications. I quickly turned the menu bar back on, as to me it is more convenient than accessing the general Firefox button and everything through there.(If you keep the firefox button, you can just press alt for the menu bar.)
  • Tabs on Top: Tabs are now located, by default, on top next to the firefox button. Since I switch tabs alot, this doesn’t make too much sense to me, as it is farther to the tab buttons. The positive of tabs on top is that when they are next to the firefox button, it is vertically compact and gives you lots of screen space. All in all, moving the tabs back to the bottom and turning the menu bar on gives Firefox 4 a very Firefox 3ish look, which I believe is more convenient.
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